Patented cycling shorts and bibs with inflatable pads at your sit bones that can be adjusted with a touch of your fingertips!

Inflatable Pads

Our cycling shorts patent is based on inflatable pads. AeroAthletics has taken an anatomical approach to relieving pain and adding controllable comfort to your cycling experience.

Sit Bone Distance

These are the points of the pelvis that rest on the saddle. AeroAthletics has designed the pads to be adjustable targeting these spots on each individual rider.

Air Pumps & Release Valves

The pumps install easily into the shorts and bibs and then are secured at the hips to allow fingertip control of the air pads. The rider then can add or subtract air whenever needed.

Zipped Pocket

A discreet soft invisible zipper opens up a pocket when installing the air pumps with release valves, hoses and air diaphragms (apparatus). When washing the shorts or bibs simply unfasten Velcro pads and pull out apparatus.

About AeroAthletics

Some bicycling shorts and bibs can be a down right PAIN IN THE BUTT. AeroAthletics is the exact opposite. We are all about relieving your butt pain when cycling.
I am a long distance bicyclist myself. I ride the MS 150, the Hotter’N Hell 100 and the Tour de Cure to name a few. I have been riding all my life and at the age of 62 now have to deal with an enlarged prostrate, numbness and saddle soreness. I went to work three years ago developing a revolutionary pair of cycling shorts and bibs that could address and combat these riding ailments. I patented the “ADJUSTABE PADDED BIKE SHORTS” and bibs and in conjunction with a medical device company engineered a ground breaking product. AeroAthletic cycling shorts and bibs lets the ride dial in their specific SIT BONE DISTANCE by using a Velcro strip to connect the pads apart from each other in the exact spot. We then connect the pads to pumps with air release valves placed at the riders fingertips. With just a touch the desired inflation of the pads can be adjusted while sitting in the saddle while bicycling.