Setup and Clean

How to Setup and Clean
Your AeroShorts and AeroBibs


To position the pads before you insert them into the bicycle shorts or bibs you must know your exact sit bone distance. There is an easy way to find this distance out yourself without going to the local bicycle shop to have them measure you.

Take a piece of corrugated cardboard and put the corrugated cardboard on a hard flat surface like a piano bench. While sitting on the cardboard have your feet propped up off the floor on a shoe box or skateboard. Your sit bones will leave indentations in the cardboard. Rub the surface of the cardboard with the flat side of a piece of chalk or crayon and those indentation will appear visible. Mark the center of each indentation and measure between the two of them. That is the distance of your sit bones apart from one another (your sit bone distance).

Velcro the pads together at your sit bone distance, measuring from center line to center line.

Unzip the pocket in the back of the shorts or bibs. Expose the material inside the pocket and press the pads firmly onto the shorts. Guide the pumps with the air release button into the shorts and up through the waistband until the button protrudes through the holes for them locking the pumps in place at the hips. Having the apparatus situated properly you can now zip up the back of the shorts or bibs. Enjoy your ride!

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corrugated cardboard


To wash the shorts or bibs after riding, the pumps, hose and pads must be removed from the garment. You can clean them with a soaped rag.

Do not submerge any part of the apparatus in water.

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